The Next-Generation Ad Format for In-Video Advertising

VideoStorm™ extends Linkstorm’s patent-protected, better-performing ad format into the Video Advertising space, where it can change any type of Video Ad (Pre-Roll, OutStream, In-Feed, In-Banner) from a passive “TV commercial” experience into an engaging, useful, conversion-driving experience.

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Performance Impact

Video Completions alone will soar, but VideoStorm will also drive click-through/tap-through, purchasing, and lead-gen. It brings the website to the consumer right within the ad, instead of hoping the consumer will come to the website. Then it takes the consumer directly to whatever they want in a single click or tap.

Benefits for Advertisers & Agencies

Higher Video Completion Rates

Actual engagement, not resentment!

Clicks, taps, and esp conversions

“Full Funnel Marketing” instead of just Branding – esp if packaged w/Display followup (“Sequential Marketing”)

Benefits for Resellers (Publishers, Ad Networks, DSPs & SSPs)

Higher Video Completion Rates

Higher RPMs

Longer consumer retention on site

Will win new ad clients, as well as increase the budgets of existing clients now that you’ll be delivering an ROI increase up to 17x

Totally customizable in behavior/pricing

Total Flexibility in…


Pre-Roll, OutStream, In-Feed, In-Banner (Display)

Direct-Buys and Programmatic

All DSPs/SSPs/Exchanges/Ad Servers

Creative Functionality & Behavior

Any creative design, layout, behavior

Customizable video controls

Self-Service creative builder Q2 2020


Standard CPMs/VCRs – AND/OR…

CPC, CPE (Cost-Per-Engagement), CPA

Or combinations (mix-and-match)