Reseller opportunities

We will work hand-in-hand with you, advertisers and advertising agencies to help develop new, high-performance ad solutions. Linkstorm can also help you create new co-marketing opportunities by integrating content and advertising in new and innovative ways.

We offer attractive pricing, training and personalized support in case you want to offer the value of Linkstorm’s high-performance ad solutions to your advertisers directly. Join The NY Times, and selected others in boosting your ad revenue by offering our premium, better-performing ad format to your own advertisers on either a private-label basis or a Linkstorm-branded basis.

New revenue opportunities for publishers with a better performing ad format.

Linkstorm ads expand within existing advertising real estate, whether it’s intended for static ads or expanding ads, allowing publishers to provide greater value to advertisers without adding more clutter. Linkstorm certified publishers are thus able to command a premium for both high and low demand inventory by making them both perform better. the list for Linkstorm ad buys!

Become eligible for Linkstorm ad buys

At minimum, even if you don’t actively resell Linkstorm, make sure you’re eligible for all Linkstorm-enabled ad buys by getting certified. Our certification process is a snap, and makes Linkstorm ads both easy to both sell and accept. Contact us today to get the certification process started and be on the list for Linkstorm ad buys, including those from Linkstorm’s new partner as a media-buying arm: Purple Soda .

Retain traffic

Linkstorm ads allow users to engage with advertiser content without leaving the publisher’s site instead of getting lost many pages deep into the advertiser’s website, never to return. Also, no matter how deeply a user clicks into the advertiser’s site via the Linkstorm menu, the user is always just one click back to the publisher’s page.