Leverage the power of video for your next online advertising campaign.

Multiple Videos within a Single Ad

View multiple videos directly within a Linkstorm menu. In this case, 5 interviews from CIOs in 5 different industries made the ad more relevant to any particular CIO, and drove a lift of 17x in white paper downloads and CIO lead-gens from clicking through and then filling out an extensive questionnaire. But they could be multiple product videos, movie trailers, housing property tours, etc.

Transform Existing TV Commercials into Web Ads

Turn a sunk cost into new ROI by repurposing an existing TV commercial as a banner, now making it actionable & interactive instead of just a passive TV experience. The video continues to play, but any time the consumer becomes convinced to take action, all their choices are a single click away.

Videos in Both the Base Ad Unit AND Within the Menu

Rollover automatically launches a Kraft Philly Cheese video in the base ad unit, and in addition there are 4 recipe videos in the menu itself.

Multiple Videos for Movie/TV Content

Again there is a video both in the base ad unit and in the "Watch Trailer" link – along with related links for Social Media integrations, App download, games, and ticket sales/showtimes.

Introducing VideoStorm™ - Linkstorm Ads Inserted Into Video Content

VideoStorm™ is a new product that inserts Linkstorm menus directly into Video content, including live streaming. Our first distribution partner, www.IndiMusic.tv, has private-labelled it as the "Live EPK" (Electronic Press Kit) and is using it within 120 music videos currently streaming on its site, as a customized “ad” for each music artist being featured in each video. (If you visit the site at a rare moment when there is no music video running, you can still be guaranteed of seeing the product any time at the demo page http://video.timothyross.org/indi.html.)

When applied more generally as an ad for any advertiser within any 3rd-party video content, it can either 1) serve as a more interactive, better-performing enhancement to the industry-standard Pre-Roll format, or 2) even provide an alternative to the Pre-Roll which is much more user-friendly, less intrusive, and yet still better-performing for the advertiser, because it is driven by consumer choice, and will unfurl only if the consumer wants to browse the advertiser’s offerings WITHOUT delaying or interfering with the consumer’s enjoyment of the video content itself.