Capture Lead-Gens & Other Sign-Ups Right Within the Ad

Boost lead generation, mailing list sign-ups, and other conversions right within the ad by enabling form-fills for contact info, polling etc. You can also respond interactively to any consumer input by capturing their input and responding immediately & dynamically, e.g. directing customers to geographic-specific landing pages based on their zip code input.

Issue Coupon Right Within the Ad

Consumer can request a coupon to be texted to their phone # or emailed to their email address, simply by inputting their phone # or email. Note also the competitive intelligence captured by asking the user to identify any competing products they have tried recently.

Interactive Polling & Tabulation

Consumers can select a particular choice in a poll and then have the poll results calculated instantly and presented back to them within the ad, as well as receiving Prudential-specific content most appropriate to their interest including video, whitepapers, etc.

Social Media Integrations

Incorporate any and all Social Media functionality directly into the ad: Follow on Twitter (including Reply/Retweet/Favorite right from the ad), Like on Facebook, Pin on Pintarest, Add to Outlook Calendar or Gmail, etc.

s via Social Media Logins

Use your login from Facebook, LinkedIn etc. to sign up for free trials etc.