Data Feeds

Dynamically populate the ad to reflect your latest offers, pricing information, product images, and more – all based on a data feed direct from your product catalog or content management system.

Data Feeds for Time-Sensitive Offers like Travel

Dynamic updating is especially powerful for time-sensitive offers where pricing or product availability changes rapidly, such as Travel, Real Estate property availability, frequent discounts, "People who bought this also bought these," etc.

Dynamic Updating Based on User Interactions

Establish business rules that use our own detailed data on what the audience is actually clicking on as a way of driving updates to the menu, For example "Always move the most clicked-on product to the top of that sub-menu in order to drive even more clicks." In this way, the ad can become automatically self-improving.

Special Note on Re-Targeting: If you have cookie'd the individual consumer, we can drive the updating based on what that individual user has clicked on. For example if an individual clicks on the "Women" sub-menu, then the next time they saw a Crocs ad, the entire ad and menu could be about Women's shoes only.

External Data Feeds, e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Blogs…

We can integrate live 3rd party data feeds of any kind, as in this Mastercard examples that incorporates live Twitter and Instagram feeds, sourced in real-time.