More Clicks, Better-Qualified Clicks, More Conversions

Customers self-qualify for ad offers by navigating through options presented in a familiar, cascading menu format. Linkstorm’s Clickless Navigation™ offers direct access to desired content or transactions while still on the page with the ad.

Actionable Analytics

Linkstorm captures data about audience intent that far exceeds any other ad format in detail and granularity, because we are tracking the clicks on each one of the 15-50+ clickable menu choices. This provides the advertiser with an incredibly detailed map of the audience’s true interests, including which products are the most popular, which offers, which marketing messages, etc. It’s almost like having a market research laboratory or focus group built right into your ad. When combined with cookies, this detailed info even extends to the individual person level, and can be used for re-targeting with a level of precision never before seen, since it is based on the consumer’s own self-declared interests. Then, equipped with those insights, the advertiser can further optimize their Linkstorm campaigns on-the-fly via our ability to support dynamic, real-time updating. Click here to learn more about our real-time updating.

Optimized For Both Attention and Action

In Linkstorm enabled ads, a banner’s sole purpose is to grab customers’ attention and generate a rollover. This will ‘pass customers over’ to the Linkstorm menu, which will guide them to take appropriate action. Banners and menus can be tweaked independently during a live campaign in order to optimize their combined effectiveness.

Centralized Management Makes it Easy to Optimize Live Campaigns.

Linkstorm menus can be easily modified from a centralized point of control no matter where they are deployed, thus improving performance even after campaign launch. Changes are reflected immediately and universally, without having to re-master or re-traffic the ad.

Centralized Updates can be Manual or Automated, or Both

Linkstorm menus can be populated manually (by ad-hoc decision of the marketer) or dynamically based on business rules, data feeds, or mash-ups from multiple sources and data formats. Click here for more about automated updating.

Universal Distribution / Publisher Approval

Linkstorm has been tested, approved and certified universally across the Web on a worldwide basis: virtually all major publisher sites, portals, ad networks, programmatic buying environments (DSPs/SSPs/Exchanges), mobile environments, and soon video. Our technology is standards compliant to make it easy for publishers to certify and run Linkstorm campaigns, both within all IAB-standard formats and even non-standard formats like buttons, corporate logos, and sponsorship notices. Linkstorm even has an alternate display format that enables publishers or networks to run Linkstorm campaigns without undergoing certification or having any direct contact with Linkstorm; this includes a default “inside-the-box” format that as a safety net against unknown iframes, keeps our multi-level navigation within the borders of the original ad unit.

Unconstrained by Banner Size

By separating the banner from its navigation, Linkstorm ads offer customers multiple deep links via menus untethered by the size constraints of the underlying banner.

One Size Fits Many

By designing Linkstorm menus with distinct, alternative marketing messages and navigation paths, it is possible to reach customers across all stages of the purchase funnel and demographics with just one ad unit.

Bonus: Linkstorm Optimizes Value of Existing Asset

By embedding multiple deep links into banners, users are driven from ads directly to high value website content, maximizing the ROI of existing assets. The Linkstorm experience can even be continued on the advertiser’s website or landing pages, further increasing page views, time spent on site, brand engagement and conversions.