Linkstorm has received enthusiastic reviews from industry publications, bloggers and end users alike for our unique approach to display advertising. Below is a selection of press clippings.

About our Display Ads

"Letting Consumers Do the Targeting" - MediaPost
"It took the human race millennia to realize the earth wasn't the center of the universe. In its own small way, advertising has until recently been mired in an intellectual fallacy of its own — namely, the idea that advertisers and their creative message were the center of advertising. Belatedly the industry is thinking its way outside that particular box and acknowledging that it's the consumer processing the ad who is, or should be, the center of the advertising universe. David Sidman, CEO of Linkstorm, explains below how that insight might be integrated into the creation of ad units themselves."

MediaPost Behavioral Insider

"In Search for Online Gold, X(pander) Marks the Spot" —BRANDWEEK
"An old saying claims, 'There is nothing new under the sun.' But Wal-Mart, Microsoft,, Pontiac, Chevy, Hyundai and American Express are among the early users of Banner Xpander, a format from ad tech company Linkstorm, that certainly is something new for Internet banner ads."


"Overlaying cascading menus on hyperlinks can boost click-throughs" – Internet Retailer
"Linkstorm, an online advertising technology company, says it has developed a system that boosts conversion rates by overlaying cascading menus onto any kind of hyperlink or ad unit, enabling customers to navigate directly to information or actions within retailers’ web sites."

Internet Retailer

"Getting More out of Online Ads" – Forrester Report
"[..] Direct sales efforts on the other hand emphasize ad unit, targeting, and creative. For example, ad units that allow users to search or buy right in the ad — like those from Linkstorm, which include menus of nested hyperlinks — help move consumers from awareness to purchase without their ever clicking away from the ad."

"Getting More out of Online Ads" - Forrester report

About CokeTags (PUP – Portable Universal Profile)

"This is one of the more intelligent advertising campaigns by arguably the world's most successful advertiser."

Killer Startups

"I like the fact that they saw consumer value as the most important component in the creation of this app, and understood that brand association would come as a result of this value. [...] For the sake of advancement in social marketing, I am really rooting for Coke on this one!"

A Media Circus

"Share information about yourself, spread the word about worthy causes, or promote your friends and the great things (or nonsense) they're up to. The app is robust and flexible enough for folks like me (who like to control nearly every aspect of the information piping through the thing), yet intuitive enough to get users rolling in seconds."

J.C. Hutchins

"CokeTag is not only a smart play from the company, but also a fairly useful app as far as profile widgets go. The app allows users to create customizable Flash bookmark widgets linking to link collections on any topic they're passionate about… Coke is also smart to create a widget that users should actually find useful, and not something that feels like advertising."

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